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ROCKITE and KWIXSET are “Non-shrink” OR “Non-metallic” Grouts, classified as Hydraulic Expansion Cements.

ROCKIT and KWIXSET are fast setting, of more than twice the strength of fully cured conventional concrete. When mixed with water to pourable consistency they flow and seep into place as though they were molten lava. Both products have an initial set with in 15-20 minutes. With in one hour they will develop compression strengths of 31Mpa or 4500 psi. Its adhesion is due to expansion (hydraulic forces against exterior walls of drilled holes etc) and when fully set it grips metal to concrete permanently.

How to Mount Glass Balustrades Using Rockite and Kwikset.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”• Just add water” heading_tag=”h4″][/ultimate_heading]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”• Sets in 15 minutes” heading_tag=”h4″][/ultimate_heading]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”• Self levelling” heading_tag=”h4″][/ultimate_heading]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”• Takes stress loading in two hours” heading_tag=”h4″][/ultimate_heading]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”• Minimal wastage – mix Rockite as you require” heading_tag=”h4″][/ultimate_heading]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”• Indefinite shelf life” heading_tag=”h4″][/ultimate_heading]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”• Rockite will set below freezing: down to -4degrees C” heading_tag=”h4″][/ultimate_heading][ultimate_heading main_heading=”• Compression strengths for Rockite:” heading_tag=”h4″]1 Hour:   4,600 psi
24 Hours: 5,000 psi
7 Days:  8,000 psi
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”• Kwixset sets down to 4degrees C without special precautions.” heading_tag=”h4″][/ultimate_heading]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”• Easy – economical – safe to use” heading_tag=”h4″][/ultimate_heading]

In addition to its ease of application, strength and versatility, the important features of ROCKITE and KWIXSET are its CONTROLLED expansion (unlike iron bearing cement mixtures). Cured Rockite and Kwixset is a pleasing grey colour that blends with concrete. Both products save costly dollars in down time as they can both be stressed loaded within two hours and fully sets over seven days. The application procedure is so simple that that inexperienced labour can handle almost any installation. Rockite and Kwixset save repair dollars because they ensure permanent results

Some strength test Results

For More Rockite Test Results Click Here

Material Safety Data sheet (https://rockitecement.com/specsheets/msds-rockite.pdf) (MSDS US Department of Labour)

Rockite Cement meets designation ASTM C 1107-02 . and ASTM C109-01, 191-01, 488-96.\


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For More Rockite Test Results Click Here(click here button report)( https://rockitecement.com/tests

Test Reports

Index OF Test Results:

  • Compressive test of Rockite
  • Comparison compressive tests with Kwixset (water proof version of Rockite) Portland Cement and Rockite
  • Tension test from the center of concrete slab using Reidbar Grade 500
  • Tension tests at nominally 45mm from face edge with mild steel anchors and Reidbar grade 500.
  • Strain Bearing Ability

The following test results were established in laboratory conditions at Opus International Consultants Limited, Auckland New Zealand. Where indicated test results were established in laboratory conditions in the USA.

Set 2: Compression Strength at the end of seven days

Test Result 2:Tests were conducted in the USA Test Result 2: Tests were conducted in the USA. 

Comparison compressive tests with Kwixset (water proof version of Rockite) Portland Cement and Rockite

Set 1:

Test Results 3: Opus Consultancy Reference No P/7B/97

Tension tests from the center of concrete slab (35Mpa) using Reidbar Grade 500

Set 1:

12mm Diameter Reidbar Grade 500 (Rb12)

* The above table indicates that as the diameter of the hole was increased. The average loading on Rockite increases due to the expansion qualities of Rockite.

Set 2:
12mm Diameter Reidbar Grade 500 (Rb12)

Set 3:
12mm Diameter Reidbar Grade 500 (Rb12)

Set 4:
16mm Diameter Reidbar Grade 500 (Rb16)

* As Rockite held firm we were unable to determine the failure point. The maximum load bearing of 100kN is the maximum for the testing equipment. This test equates to, for this size bar approximately 500Mpa.

Set 5:
20mm Diameter Reidbar Grade 500 (Rb20)

* This test resulted in the concrete cracking of the slab.

Set 6:
Mild Steel Bolts (M12)

Test Results 4: Opus Consultancy Reference No 03/420/001

Tension tests at nominally 45mm from face edge with mild steel anchors and Reidbar Grade 500

Set 1:
10 mm Diameter Reid Anchors (mild Steel)

Set 2:
12mm Diameter Reid Anchors (mild steel)

Set 3:
16mm diameter Reid Anchors (mild steel)

Set 4:
12mm Diameter Reidbar Grade 500 (Rb12)

Test Results 5: Strain Bearing Ability. USA Test Results

The compound shall produce a setting with an average strain bearing ability for each respective bolt and opening size, as shown in the following chart.

* All bolts shall be equipped with a washer large enough to fit the diameter of the opening with only enough tolerance so that the washer will be free to reach and rest snugly against the head of the bolt at the bottom of the opening.

** Depths shown are based opening drilled in sound concrete having a compressive strength of 24.8 Mpa/3600psi. In the case of weaker concrete, the depth shall be increased to provide a greater purchase to the concrete slab. This minimizes the danger of failure due to fracture of the concrete when subjected to extreme strains.

*** Data determined by tests in which the strains recorded were limited to stresses sufficient to rupture mild steel bolts of each representative diameter. In no case was the setting injured.

How to Mount Glass Balustrades Using Rockite and Kwikset

How to Anchor a Glass Balustrade